Sunday, September 23, 2007

I havent posted in a while because i am swamped with school work.argh.
I havent taken any pictures.
Don't get me wrong, i have been cooking, i just eat it before i think of taking a picture
I made rosemary squash and eggplant roast, a very yummy curry pumpkin soup with apples in it,yumm. I made a raw marinated mushrrom appetizer which is mushrooms, onions, green peppers, rosemary, dill, dry mustard, dry garlic, apple cider vinegar, and water. I cant remember anything else. My brain feels like mush from having sooo many tests, and AP chem is a pain since she expects me to remember what i learned in chem last year. Ummm, no, i didnt. no one in my class can remember last year...and it shows on our tests: (
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E: Excuse me! because of my veggie-ful diet, i tend to pass gass quite often, especially at the gym : 0
M:MOODY, is what i am. not really moody i guess it's more like my moods can switch really quickly. One moment i can be very happy, the next, a little thing can just make me start crying. I think it's hard for my dad to help me with my homework because i always start crying, not because he's mean, but i dont know.
I:IN TROUBLE, i was what i never am. I nerver do anything really against the rules, and haven't ever been grounded or anything.
L:Licorice(that doesn't look like it's spelled correct) is my favorite candy, i like the spicy flavor of it.
Y:If im running to catch up with someone, i'll never YELL out their name. I dont know why,

Im not quite sure how to tag someone.
Can someone tell me how to list my favorite blogs on the side of my blog like everyone else?
thank you.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Not the prettiest thing but delicious and nutritious. Its pumpkin pudding. Well its kinda like pumpkin pudding. Its made of pumpkin puree, soy milk, pumpkin pie spice, and sugar. Mix and Enjoy. I have eaten almost too cans worth of organic pumpkin puree in the past 2 days from making this pudding.

I made this for the block party. I didnt really care for it but its a orange sesame coleslaw. I think it was too sweet and needed more soy sauce and ginger, but my dad said it wasnt sweet enough.
Isnt this a beaut? Its a fruit salad i just made with pears(that taste like wine), a white nectarine(that tastes like roses), apple(for the crunch), and a plum(for more color). yumm

Well, this has been a long weekend. I dont really remember what i did this weekend but on saturday i went to Breanna's house to make a banner for our recycling party at school. On sunday i made a coleslaw for a blockparty a few streets over. I think my street should have a block party since none of the neighbors seem to talk alot to each other and i barely know any of my neighbors. Well i went home from the party early because it was kinda boring, just tagging along with my parents, talking to who ever they are talking to, but i heard that it became alot funner later in the night and alot more people showed up with alot of food. quel dommage. i have an english test tomorrow that im nervous about, its on Fast Food Nation, which is nothing like the movie, i couldnt stand to watch the movie because of the scenes in the meat factories. But the book had soooo many facts that i didnt know what to take note of, so im not sure if im prepared for the test. I dont think school has phased me yet, it seems more like camp, with homework, than school.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, i got through my first week of school and my back hurts like no others. Today after going the the Y then Berkeley Bowl(only the greatest food store in the history of food stores) my dad and i went to REI to get me a cushioned backpack, which feels sooo much better. But at REI i saw the loveliest bike in the world and im in love, the only problem, its too big. psshh, ill make myself grow so i can get this bike. Anywas i have some pictures, though not the ones from my mom's camera yet. Foe some reason whenever i go food shopping i seem to buy too much, then i feel bad when my dad gets the receipt. Im not very good at choosing food, i tend to get everything, i try not to but its all so tempting. Lately i think its the fruit, i buy probably like over 5 lbs of apples, then towards the end of the week when there is a bit left i go over board trying to eat it all so my dad doesnt look a me disapointedly that the food is wasted. i guess thats just a habit im going to have to work on. I almost forgot i am now in the eco club at school and after the first meeting i went to i voluntered to be a like head chief person. Right now we have gotten recyling bins for all the classrooms and at lunch one day to let everyone know about the bins we are having a band play and are giving out apples.wee.

Purple beans that turn into green beans when cooked

A really good salad or mango, cucumber, red onion, salt, cilantro, and lime.

My new pair of beautiful vegan shoes, yay.

A carrot from our garden. scrumtious, just not so filling since it was as long as my baby finger.

Monday, August 27, 2007


So today was the first day of school. Not as boring as i thought it would be, actually it felt like summer camp, i dont think the "school feeling" starts in October. Im so glad i get out early seeing as how i am taking only 6 periods this year instead of 7 because i have two AP classes. I had a yummy sandwich with vegemite an marmalade as well as cilantro gazpacho for lunch. The past few days i have cooked, but the pictures are on another camera, so ill post when i get those pictures. Lately one thing i cant get enough is figs. My dad has a coworker who lives next to a farmer and stole a whole bunch of figs for me, i love people who will steal food for me especially yummy delectables such as those fine looking figs. A recipe i highly highly highly, thats right 3 times, is the eggplant chips on vegweb. Infact i bought two eggplants this week just for that recipe, the only thing i dont follow is i add miso to the mixture. well, until i get the pictures....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Summer

Hi All,
my name is emily and have been reading food blogs for awhile now and have been wanting to create one, so finally one day i said to myself, "im gonna finally make that happen." Ive been vegetarian for a while and have been vegan for around 9 months. I became vegan because i realized what i was actually eating an di dont really think we have the right to use animals and abuse our power as humans on them when there is no need to. I have been cooking for many years and love to do so. I started taking pictures of my vegan life this summer though i kept forgetting to take pictures so these pictures are'nt the whole story. Ill try to blog as often as i can and try to remember to take more pictures. Well.. Here we go..

This actually want baked by me. It was made by my sister for my birthday, but i put it on because...ITS VEGAN, she was nice enough to surch out a vegan recipe so i could have cake that i wouldnt have to bake myself.

This was gazpacho and a salad with pears an dwalnuts and a strawberry dressing i made for mothers day.

My best friend Breanna and i made these chocolate balsalmic cookies that turned out to taste like little cakes, they didnt look that appealing but were very tasty, though on the second batch i accidently spilled a little bit of salt into them so those werent so good.

These were two dips i made whlie my parents were on vacation. The lighter was an edamame japanese-like dip( with ginger, soy sauce, wasabi, the whole shibang) and the darker was a pesto-y like dip but thats all i remember about it.

This was a curried quinoa salad but i cant rmeember where i found the recipe, though i remember it being quite good.

I made a jello-like substance with juice and agar flakes, it was ok but the flavor reminded me of something, not sure what.

These are baked donuts, well kinda, i used muffin cups. I dont know if they are good because in the middle of making them i ran out of soymilk so i had to use regular milk and give them to my sister. I think ill try them again one day during winter, vegan friendly this time. : )

These are some alien foods i am really excited about. The strawberries were not only huge they were siamese. The squash was brought home by mom from curves because someone was giving them away for free! This is the squash next to my dog, in this picture shiksa, the dog, was trying to run from this monsterous creature.

Some tabouli( not sure if thats spelled right). Very light and crunchy with added peas.

A cherry pie for my dad because he had wanted a cherry pie from the store but grabbed the wrong box.

This is pictures from the seattle public market. We went here on a road trip this summer passing through Portland and going to Victoria. I felt as though i died and went to a foodie's heaven.

These are the first time my mom and i have seen donut or saucer peaches. i prefer the name donut peaches.

A singing group was set up in the market singing oldies...but goodies. They were great, i cant remember their name and i would have bought a cd if it werent for a fatc that they were expecting 20 per cd.

These arent vegan, no worries they werent eaten by me, but i thought it was a pretty picture.

These are the ridiculously huge VEGAN cookies at the market, they looked so yummy, but because of my indecisive-ness i sadly did not get one.

To get this picture i had to follow these people all the way down a street, i dont believe ive seen something like this before. I think my dog would look good with a purple tail.

Im sooo glad crumpets are vegan because at this crumpet shop fresh crumpets are made to melt in your mouth. Forget about store bought crumpets, these are the real deal.

This is lovely Victoria, they hang flowers everywhere, its so pretty.

I took this picture on the ferry leaving Victoria. The last day there it was raining but i went to my first wax museum, though i dont think any of the statues looked like the real person.

My first fresh lychee, and man was it good. I used to get those lychee jelly candies at the japanese market when i was younger, but these are waaay better.

The first zucchini from our garden. No thats not a giant hand, its just a really small squash

In a car package for my sister when she moved out i made Vive's Peanut "Better" Cookies, which i think taste like nutter butters, highly recommnded recipe and scones from somewhere that had the texture of muffin tops, hey, no ones complaining.

This was supposed to be my take on a souffle, with broccoli and mushrooms combined into a tofu and blended cauliflower mixture( it had other stuff but i cant remember what). I thought it was good after it sat for awhile but my dad thought it was pretty good.

Gwam Crackers from vegweb, they came out a little big, i replaced the oil with applesauce and 2Tbs of oil. They werent hardening, so i kept them in the oven longer, after taken out they hardened a bit more, i keep them in the freezer to dip into my tea, they became harder like a biscotti after being in the fridge. They were yumm.

Spaghetti squash with sauted veggies including PURPLE cauliflower, much prettier than white i think. Th ebread next to it is the best bread in the whole world its whole wheat with sunflower seeds in it(though this is the sesame seed version that i dont like as much). My dad has been being it for years not even realizing on the bag it says vegan.

This is the sunshine citris bread from fatfreevegan. It was very good, but too sugary for me. I made it for my dad to take to the Y so people could have free snacks after working out. He said everyone liked it and many people want the recipe. I was very dissapointed that one guy wouldnt try it because it was vegan even though there wasnt anything different from an omnivores diet in their, no soy or egg replacer, it was just pure vegan goodness, well, his loss.

Here is Breanna being creative with pineapple.